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Connie Mack (born December 22, 1862) managed the 1950 Philadelphia Athletics at the age of 87.

In 2007, baseball’s oldest manager is Joe Torre. Torre was born on July 18, 1940, so he’ll turn 67 shortly after the All-Star break. Think he’ll still be managing in 2027? If he is, I’ll buy you dinner.

The 1950 Philadelphia Athletics team photo shows:

Top row: 1 Joe Coleman, 2 Ferris Fain, 3 unknown, 4 Carl Scheib, 5 Bobby Shantz, 6 Pete Suder, 7 Hank Wyse, 8 Elmer Valo, 9 Alex Kellner, 10 Bob Hooper.

Middle row: 1 Eddie Joost, 2 unknown, 3 Paul Lehner, 4 Les McCrabb, 5 Lou Brissie, 6 Wally Moses, 7 Sam Chapman, 8 Johnny Kucab, 9 Trainer.

Bottom row: 1 Barney McCosky, 2 Kermit Wahl, 3 Billy Hitchcock, 4 Bing Miller, 5 Connie Mack, 6 Jimmy Dykes, 7 Joe Tipton, 8 Mike Guerra, 9 Dick Fowler, 10 Joe Astroth.

Bob Dillinger, the team’s regular third baseman until he was traded to Pittsburgh on July 20, does not appear in this photograph. If you have additions or corrections, please contact me.

A tip of the hat to Moe Burtschy.

May 2007

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