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“The Big Hurt,” Frank Thomas, seems to be the last of a dying breed. How many of these past greats can you identify?

    1. The Arkansas Hummingbird
    2. The Baby Bull
    3. The Big Bear
    4. The Big Cat
    5. The Big Serb
    6. The Big Train
    7. The Capital Punisher
    8. The Chairman of the Board
    9. The Commerce Comet
    10. The Curveless Wonder
    11. The Duke of Tralee
    12. The Dutch Master
    13. The $11,000 Beauty
    14. The Flying Dutchman
    15. The Fordham Flash
    16. The Freshest Man on Earth
    17. The Gallatin Squash
    18. The Gause Ghost
    19. The Georgia Peach
    20. The Golden Greek
    21. The Goshen Schoolmaster
    22. The Gray Eagle
    23. The Hondo Hurricane
    24. The Hoosier Thunderbolt
    25. The Human Rain Delay
    26. The Knight of Kennett Square
    27. The Mad Monk
    28. The Mad Russian
    29. The Meal Ticket
    30. The Mechanical Man
    31. The Nashville Narcissus
    32. The Naugatuck Nugget
    33. The Nervous Greek
    34. The Old Fox
    35. The Old Perfesser
    36. The Old Roman
    37. The Peerless Leader
    38. The People’s Cherce
    39. The Pride of Havana
    40. The Reading Rifle
    41. The Sand Ridge Tiger
    42. The Splendid Splinter
    43. The Staten Island Scot
    44. The Sultan of Swat
    45. The Tabasco Kid
    46. The Tall Tactician
    47. The Toy Cannon
    48. The Walking Man
    49. The Wild Horse of the Osage
    50. The Yankee Clipper

A tip of the hat to Julian Bray and Heitor Bastos-Tigre.

June 2007

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